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Professional Fees

Initial Intake Session (60 minutes): $250

Individual Therapy Appointment (50 minutes): $200

Family Therapy (50 minutes): $225

Couples Counseling (50 minutes): $225

Treatment planning with Other Providers (15-30 minutes): $30-$60

Parent Support Sessions (15-30 minutes): $45-90

Skills-Coaching Call (15 minutes): $45

Can I still use my insurance? 

While we am not in-network with any insurance policies, clients may still seek reimbursement from insurance for our services. Quality mental health services can be costly, so it is completely understandable that getting reimbursed for at least some of the associated costs is helpful.

If your insurance has out-of-network benefits, you submit the invoice to your insurance agency, they will often reimburse 60-90% of the fees for typical services (for example, 50 minute psychotherapy sessions, 1x a week) depending on your plan. 

At the end of each therapy appointment, you are financially responsible for the full session fee and then we can provide you with a detailed invoice to submit to your insurance company (it's easy!).

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