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Family Therapy

My Baby

We understand that the idea of starting family therapy can feel intense, so I focus on your goals and challenges to keep you on track towards building a healthier relationship.

We are eager to help support your family in balancing difficult family dynamics. Choosing to engage in family therapy is a wonderful way to commit to improving your family's future. Family therapy is a neutral and safe space for families to focus on utilizing natural strengths to manage difficult familial challenges.

Family therapy helps parents in learning how to navigate setting boundaries and expectations, while helping them to attend skillfully to their children's needs. Family therapy can help boost communication and bonding between family members. Oftentimes, it seems that one individual in the family is to blame for the family's troubles. What we do in therapy, is help the family to understand how everyone plays a role in the family dynamic. We help each individual work to rid themselves of old and unhelpful dynamics in a way that does not create shame or guilt. We know that everyone is trying their best!

Family therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes in length with sessions available online or in-person. We understand the importance of confidentiality in therapy, which is why I use a HIPAA-compliant web service to host all virtual sessions.



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Still have questions or feeling unsure?

How do I know if my family needs therapy?

Why is it so difficult to talk to my children?

When is it the right time to ask for help?

How does family therapy work?

If you have any questions or wonder if your family may benefit from therapy, call now (617)784-7630 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if therapy is right for you! 

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