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Child Therapy

Mental Health Counseling Can Help At School
Psychotherapy For Children Can Improve Relationships
Good Mental Health Therapy Can Be Fun For Children

Child Therapy

We know that getting your child to agree to come to therapy can be a challenge, so I believe in creating a space that will welcome all kids.

We are very passionate about working with kids and teens. Our goal is support children and adolescents in creating a successful future for themselves. Through our years of experience working with children and adolescents, we create a safe and non-judgmental space where everyone can explore their thoughts and feelings. 


We all know parenting is hard work and in our clinical experience, children's behavior and emotions may become increasingly unmanageable or difficult to support at home. Our goal is to support parents and their children in finding ways to better manage emotions, behaviors, and to build the self-confidence a child or teen needs in order to become a successful and thriving adult.


Jumping into the process of therapy is the first step in securing a successful future, whether that means improving relationships, performing better at work or in school, or boosting self-confidence. 

Children often best express themselves through play and art. Child therapy is a safe place for children to express their feelings with a professional who understands children's unique forms of communication. I also support parents and empower them to be able to help their child with difficult emotional challenges.


Your child may benefit from therapy if they are acting out at home or in school, have become more withdrawn, seem worried frequently, develop dropping grades, or discuss concerning topics frequently, such as death.

With an increase in exposure to social media and adult topics whether at home or through friends, children continue to struggle more frequently with mental health and confusing emotions. The biggest challenge is that children often lack the skills to verbally communicate that they need help and instead communicate through actions. Depression and anxiety in children often looks like acting out or frequent temper tantrums. 


Play and art therapy are ways for therapists to engage with kids in ways that feel natural and comfortable to them. Play and art therapy with a therapist can provide therapeutic healing for issues that children may have trouble expressing verbally. In addition, these therapeutic methods help support children in managing, expressing, and understanding their emotions moving forward.

Individual therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes in length with sessions available online or in-person.

I understand the importance of confidentiality in therapy, which is why I use a HIPAA-compliant web service to host all virtual sessions.










Grief and Loss

Social Skills

Trauma Recovery

Excessive Technology Use

Still have questions or feeling unsure?

How do I know if my child or adolescent needs therapy?

Why is it so difficult to talk to my children?

When is it the right time to ask for help?

How does child/adolescent therapy work?

If you have any questions or wonder if your family may benefit from therapy, call now (617)784-7630
to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if therapy is right for you! 

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